Q1: What type machine we are supplying ?
Ans: We are offering, Paper Overwrapping machine, BOPP/Cellophane Overwrapping machine, HFFS/Pouch Pack machines.

Q2: Which are the models offered by us for wrapping banded and bandless soaps ?
Ans: We are offering different machines model:

  • Wrapper UGP7200 : Used for toilet soaps having round edges and surfaces for banded and bandless soaps. It wraps soaps with stiffener and printed wrapper in customer brand .
  • Wrapper UGP7150 : This machine gives envelope type overwrap and can be used for rectangular /straight edged shaped soap.
  • Wrapper UGP7150B : This machine give envelope type overwrap by using clear cellophane or printed heat seable wrapper to bandled the soap product in single layer/Double layer used for paper overwrapped soap/cartoned soap.
  • HFFS /Flow wrapper UGP7120 Machines: Flow wrap/HFFS machine give pouch shaped packed Bar soap.

Q3: Which are the best ways of packing soap bars ?
Ans: Toilet bar soaps are packed in both the format like pouch /Pillow pack and envelope type. It is a matter of market dynamics; there are a few factors that make envelope type packaging a better option. Envelope type packing (with stiffener and Paper / PET laminate heat sealable) has following distinct advantages in comparison to Pillow pack/Pouch Pack.

  • Better Brand visibility
  • Tight packing of soap safeguard against any friction
  • Stiffener safe guard the soap from any dent mark and provide straight surface for wrapper sealing
  • Stiffener is having antifungal properties
  • Provide better shelf life to soap bars
  • Easy to count and easy to pack
  • Require compact Shipper carton i.e More cost effective
  • The fact that this type of packing gives a tight and well defined form to the packet, makes it ideally suitable for display. In contrast pouch pack is ill-fitting and shapeless which does not help strengthen the brand image.

Q4: Why to consider for packaging Machines ?
Ans: Few advantages are as follows:

  • Manpower saving
  • Savage on wrapper Cut length
  • Reduction in rejection

Q5: Can different soap sizes be packed with one machine Model ?
Ans. All the machines models offered by us can be customized to pack different shape and size with the help of size change part kits.

Q6: What is the role of stiffener in packing toilet soap ?
Ans. Stiffener protecting the toilet soap bar also provides straight edges for folds . Play very vital role when packing profiled/curved soap bars.

Q7: How to calculate wrapper Cut length & wrapper Width ?
Ans: Wrapper Cut length can be calculated as follows: Wrapper Cut length = Perimeter of soap cross section + 20 mm (minimum). It is better to do the practical by wrapping a paper around soap to find perimeter, before going for the wrapper printing. It is always better to ask the machine supplier to provide the wrapper layout for each product. Wrapper width: Length of soap + Thickness of soap (from the point where thickness is maximum) -5 mm.

Q8: How to calculate the stiffener Cut Length and Width ?
Ans: Stiffener cut length = Perimeter of the soap cross-section-1mm Stiffener width = Length of soap – 1/1.5 mm.

Q9: What are the methods used for sealing the wrapper in packaging machines ?
Ans: Wrapper can be sealed either by heat application. For heat seal ability, wrapper should have either a heat sealable layer or hot melt coating on the inside surface.

Q10: Which is the best way of sealing the wrapping material ?
Ans. Heat sealing, is the best way for sealing the wrapping material. Higher speed can be can be achieved and machine folders do not require frequent Cleaning.

Q11: What is Eye Mark Sensing Unit? How does it work ?
Ans. Printed wrapper comes in form of roll which is unwound during the working of wrapping Machine. Slight difference in pull length will make the printed matter slip a little with respect to the product being packed. This slip is cumulative and soon become noticeable. Eye Mark Sending Unit continuously detects the variation and do the correction to ensure centrality of the printed wrapper.

Q12: What is a Horizontal form - fill and seal (HFFS) machine ?
Ans: Machine forms a tube by pulling sealable film over a forming box by means of pairs of pulling and sealing rollers. Product is pushed into the tube in a timed way. Ends of the tubes are crimped, sealed and cut to form individual packs.

Q13: What Type of packaging materials can be used on HFFS machines ?
Ans: Laminates like Polyester / OPP, BOPP / BOPP, CPP / BOPP, Polyester / PE or plain BOPP are used in HFFS machines. Because outer layer can be reverse printed to give a lustrous print surface on the outside at the same time preventing printing chemicals coming in contact with Product. All Laminate materials should have heat sealable inside surface.

Q14: How do we confirm the order of Machines and payment terms ?
Ans. After analyzing customer requirement, recommend the machine model along with technical and commercial details to client. After the technical and commercial term approval by the client a Proforma invoice with the payment Like: Ex work/ FOB/CNF/CIF/CPT values and delivery time sent to client. For Overseas client , payment terms can be as follows:

  • 40% advance TT transfer with order confirmation and balance 60% TT transfer before shipment of machine from plant or after the approval by the buyer technical team after monitoring the trials/ Factory approval trials at our factory/works
  • An irrevocable confirmed Letter of Credit payable at sight Letter of credit issued by African bank should be irrevocable confirmed Letter of credit payable at sight Confirmed/ authenticated by US or European bank also

Q15: What are the options to inspect the machines before shipment ?
Ans: Options are as follows:

  • Buyer can depute their representative or technical team for the inspection of machine and to monitor the trails of machine before shipment of ordered machine.
  • Independent third party inspection agency like (eg. Bureau VERITAS, SGS, Cotecna) can carry out the inspection on customer behalf as arranged by customer.
  • Machine Pictures or Machine trails videos can be shared with client for their reference and approval.

Q16: What is the shipping procedure for Overseas shipment ?
Ans. After doing the proper Fumigation of wooden box machine, going to wrap the machine in Safepack foil and make proper Vacuum and make sea worthy wooden case packing and shipment will be done as full container load in 20ft Container or 40ft Container, depending upon Machine Model and number of machines.

Q17: How the commissioning of machines is done ?
Ans. Our service engineers commission the machine at buyer factories on nominal chargeable basis detailed installation and commissioning term given in the commercial offer.

Q18 : How do we Supply machine spare parts ?
Ans. We are maintaining the each Machine wise, machine history and supplying the spare parts as per the supplied machine history cards by Express Air courier Like DHL, Fedex, TNT, UPS, Aramex. For Spare parts our payment term is 100% in advance.

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